Bosworth_Signing_Declaration1A Declaration of Liberty for America!

The Declaration of Affirmation is the liberty Declaration signed December 13th 2014. Thousands of patriots are gathered in Olympia Washington, coming from all over America to openly defy new gun restrictions in the largest Felony civil disobedience rally in American history. But it’s more than guns, it’s liberty. Over 700 signed the original handwritten declaration. Because we recognize it’s time to restore liberty with courage, principle and peace.

The Declaration was drafted by a group or patriots from varied walks and geographic areas around America. It was carefully studied and planned not to diminish from Americas 1776 Declaration, but to re-affirm it and inspire patriots to stand. It was officially signed at the I Will Not Comply rally which was held to defy lawless restrictions of our rights and effectively nullified the i595 gun restrictions.

While a calligrapher was sought, those are not as common as in 1776. The original was hand penned by Gavin Seim. It took 4 drafts to achieve the completed if imperfect document on a roll of velum like parchment that could be rolled to the right to accommodate the hundreds of signers.

On 12/13/14 the rally was held on a chill foggy day on the central green in Olympia. Despite concerns the State police stepped back and did not interfere with the event, which had refused to request the permit that the State has demanded. Two to three thousand attended and the line for the Declaration signing stretched far into the field. Some signatures are slightly faded as pens kept wearing out.

The story of the Declaration is just begging. The stand for restoring liberty to the principled and limited government of our Republic is a moral duty. We stand, we will not back down and we appeal to heaven for justice.

We seek no fight. But the time is come for patriots to declare to the world that we will no longer abide the rising lawlessness. If you assault us, we will respond. If you steal our liberty, we will take it back. Our grievance is far beyond a single issue. We rally to oppose tyrants across America and sign a Declaration to reaffirm our absolute rights, setting a mark upon history from which we cannot turn away.

On 01/31/15 the Declaration opened for online signing and a scan of the original was released. We encourage all patriots all over American to print a copy of this document. Send it to your legislators, your sheriffs and your family. Post it in market squares and leave it on tables. The time has come to begin a restoration of America on principle and liberty for all. This is not a protest or a negotiation. The majority has no authority to vote away the liberty of their neighbors. The time has come to stand firm on peace and principle. The time has come to take back America

For media info contact: boldlibertyteam@gmail.com


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